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Bill Chase

Chase Revisited™ (Left to right)
Joe Morrissey, Jay Sollenberger, Dartanyan Brown,
Gary Smith, Jay Burrid, Dennis Johnson, Alan Ware,
GG Shinn, Phil Porter, Jim Oatts & Eric Miyashiro 

Chase Revisited Signed Poster

Chase Revisited™, a Tribute Concert and Trumpet Summit, was held Wednesday, August 1 2007 at the Minnesota Music Café in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

The concert featured international trumpet artist Eric Miyashiro and the music of the most powerful, high energy horn band of all time! 

The Tribute Band played to a full house , and covered most of the original music. The stage was filled with fire breathing monsters, and the  show was a huge success! 

The band personnel featured CHASE alumni: Dartanyan Brown, Dennis Johnson, bass; Jay Burrid, Gary Smith, drums; Phil Porter, organ; GG Shinn, vocals; and trumpeters Alan Ware, Jay Sollenberger, Joe Morrissey and Jim Oatts. 

Joining these musicians were Twin Cities’ favorite, Maurice Jacox on vocals and some of the areas’ top players:  Tanner Taylor, organ and keyboards; Blair Krivanek, guitar; JT Bates, Clay Sollenberger, drums;  Francisco “Pancho” Lopez, percussion; and Pete Davis, Pete Elliot, Larry Foyen, Bob Hallgrimson, Greg Lewis, Bernie Nelson, Kelly Rossum and Steve Strand, trumpets. 

The concert was dedicated to the memory of Bill Chase, Walter Clark, John Emma, Carl Haefeli, Angel South, Jerry Van Blair, Wally Yohn, and the victims of the Minneapolis I-35 bridge collapse, which occurred that evening.



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  Open Up Wide Live 2007

Eric Miyashiro - Trumpet
Jay Sollenberger-Trumpet
Joe Morrissey-Trumpet
Jim Oatts-Trumpet
Tanner Taylor-Organ
Blair Krivanek-Guitar
Dartanyan Brown-Bass
JT Bates-Drums
Pancho Lopez-Precussion


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